1. Can you describe how Earth's atmosphere works to produce the climate man needs to survive?
    2. Can you name the four natural greenhouse gases?
    3. Do you understand climate change and why it is a problem now?
    4. All energy is from the sun. Can you explain how man is able to use that energy and name the two forms we use?
    5. How does deforestation, excessive release of carbon, overpopulation, draining of aquifers, melting ice sheets and glaciers, and polluting of oceans, lakes and rivers combine to endanger civilization, as we know it?
    6. What is surfacing as the weakest link and greatest risk to man's survival?
    7. How can one family prevent tens of thousands of pounds of  CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year?


Three years ago, I could not answer these questions. I did the research, made changes to help protect our future, and wrote a book that clearly explains our situation and what we can do to help.
Your assignment is to read the book, make changes, and inform others.


Climate Change: Our Children are in Danger available at Amazon - $14.95
Also Available on Kindle - $2.99


"When we know better, we do better." -Maya Angelou


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    1. In what year did the Earth's population first reach one billion?

a-  1,050     b-  1492     c-  1830

    2. How long did it take for the population to increase from six to seven billion people?

a-  48 years     b-  12 years     c-  25 years

    3. Who said, "Global warming is a matter of national security. Will we live in a world where we must fight our neighbors for fresh water and food?"

a-  General Wesley Clark     b-  Al Gore     c-  Bill Gates

    4. If the Greenland ice sheet melts, how much will sea level rise?

a-  6 inches     b-  6 feet     c-  23 feet

    5. How fast is the Greenland ice sheet melting?

a-  Two times as fast as 100 years ago     b-  It's not melting
c-  Thirty times faster than ten years ago

    6. How many people in the world get less nutrition than the average American housecat?

a- One million      b- One billion      c- 500,000

    7. Today the CO2  level in our atmosphere is at 400 parts per million (ppm). When was it last above 300 ppm?

a- 8,000 years ago      b- Never in the previous 650,000 years
c- 900 years ago


Read the book Climate Change: Our Children are in Danger available at CreateSpace - $14.95

Also Available on Kindle - $2.99


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1. c,     2. b,     3. a,     4. c,     5. c,     6. b,     7. b,    


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