Climate Change: Our Children Are in Danger

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As I handed my husband some pages to proofread I said, "I'm not very eloquent."

His response was reassuring. "Eloquent? No, that's not my Mary. You did a year and half of intense research to understand global warming, tried hundreds of ways to live green, succeed in many, are on a mission to protect our grandchildren's futures, and wrote a book explaining it all in a way everyone can understand. You tell it like it is, and that's what makes your book great." I'm going to keep that man another fifty years.

The book is heartfelt, honest, and has accurate scientific facts I learned from researching over one hundred books. I value sound research and waded through some tedious material. I forgot how boring research material was in graduate school, but I wanted facts not opinions posted on the Internet. It quickly became clear the world Lilly, our seven-year-old great-granddaughter, will face is far from what I hoped it would be. I couldn't turn away and do nothing. Maya Angelou is right. "When we know better, we do better."

At home we use 84% less electricity a year and reduced the amount of gasoline we burn by 75%. I've lost sixty pounds and was booted out of my Medicare Advantage plan for special needs patients as of January 2014. It takes many changes big and small to achieve these successes that astounded even us. Some are simple but very effective. I never realized my use of electricity was ten times higher than it was the year our first child was born. Phantom energy loss is a simple fix and saves money. You will have to read the book to see all our attempts and successes. This book will save you thousands of dollars. However, the most important benefit is you can save tens of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere each year.

We need facts and reasons to WANT to change. Studying global warming is like opening a Pandora's box. It has reasons and consequences I never imagined were directly related to climate change. My first question was answered. Oh, it is real! My book clearly explains what it is, why it is happening, what the dangers are, and why now. I can tell you things to do to help slow global warming, but there is much more that must be done. Now my question is, "What more can I do?"

In March 2012, my life found a new purpose. Writing this book, the book I searched for to explain it all, is the best way I know to increase awareness, inspire action, and protect all our Lillies' futures. My mission continues. I am one green granny at home, I am a purpose driven author, and I am ready to hit the road to spread the message. Read the book-you will take action. Don't stop there. Find a way to help others join the effort. This is a matter of life and death, but until more people understand the dangers our children face, we will continue bankrupting their futures out of ignorance, not lack of love. Love them enough to check this out. That's what lit the fire under me.

I promise the book is full of motivating facts and I made sure it is not textbook-boring.


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