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Climate Change: Our Children Are in Danger

Great-granny accepts a new purpose in life after retiring from hospice social work.

I grew up in rural northern New York. There were twenty-eight kids in my graduating class. A few went to college, but most got jobs and married. I've been married to Wally fifty years, have two daughters, seven grandchildren, and Lilly is our seven-year-old great-granddaughter.

I was a forty-four year old grandmother when I entered college. There was a profession I wanted enough to step past my fears (age, money, time, slow reader…). My mind swirled. A master's degree in social work takes six years-full time. I'd be over fifty when I earned my degree. My determined side countered, How old will you be in six years without a degree? I made a decision, stepped past my fears, and in four years and four months graduated magna cum laude with my master's degree.

That was a powerful lesson. Say "YES!"

Years later I had retired, and events found me receptive to learning about global warming. I could not ignore the information and dove into a year of research. We went "green" at home. Our utility bill is 84% lower for the year and our use of gasoline is down 75%. I knew other people could make informed choices if they understood the planet might not be able to provide for our grandchildren. We never would have made the changes in our lives without the research. I had been "clueless."
My mind kept going back to, How can I help? How can I protect Lilly's future? The words came, "I will write a book!" Instantly I knew, "YES, I will write a book-I accept." The lesson to say, "YES" and step past fears made my way easier. The original title was FOR LILLY: A CLUELESS GREAT-GRANNY GOES GREEN. In my heart, that will always be the title and the reason the book exists.

In January 2014, CLIMATE CHANGE: Our Children Are in Danger is published. I never intended to write a book, but when I found my purpose and was brave and bold enough to say, "YES," I started taking each next right step. Mary Guay is today a purpose driven author. I am on a mission to provide facts so people can make informed choices. I look forward to presenting workshops, retreats, and speaking to all who show an interest. My purpose is to keep our Lillies from harm.


Mary Guay is available to speak, present workshops and retreats from 1 hour to 3 days in length.


Her book Climate Change: Our Children are in Danger is available at Amazon - $14.95


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email: mary@maryguay.org

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