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Climate Change: Our Children Are in Danger

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Mary Guay's one-of-a-kind book,
Climate Change: Our Children Are in Danger,

clearly explains global warming, its consequences, and steps we can take to protect our children's future.


We have engulfed the Earth in an ominous cloud of excess greenhouse gases. This layer acts as an overcoat and increases global warming. Earth's average temperature has climbed one to one and a half degrees in the last century with most of the rise in the last thirty years. The greenhouse gases we continuously cast into our atmosphere do not blow away, and Earth cannot re-absorb them fast enough to prevent further accumulation and warming. America's consumption and waste has skyrocketed in our lifetimes. The changes have been gradual and barely noticed, but the results could be deadly. We can and must reduce our carbon footprint and correct damages wherever possible.


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Listen to Mary's interview on WELW Radio in Cleveland.

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Read Mary's article Fifty Shades of Green at the Center for Nutritional Studies website.


These facts surprised me.

  • One billion people get less nutrition a day than the average American house cat.

  • It took 50,000 years to reach a population of one billion in 1830.

  • The world's population was six billion in 2000 and passed seven billion in 2012.

  • Earth needs to produce as much food to feed us in the next 50 years as it took to feed us for the last 10,000 years.

  • Food on America's tables travels an average distance of 1,500 to 2,000 miles.

  • If Earth's history were placed on a one-year calendar, the first bacterium arrived in  February, the first fish on November 20th, dinosaurs roamed from December 10th until Christmas, the first Homo Sapiens appeared at 11:45 pm on December 31st, and recorded history is within the last minute.

  • One person flying in a plane for an hour is responsible for the same greenhouse gas emissions as a typical Bangladeshi in an entire year.

  • Excess carbon from decayed plants and animals was stored in the form of oil, coal, and natural gas creating an atmosphere and climate ideal for man to thrive. We have used over half the oil in the last one hundred years and released dangerous amounts of carbon into our atmosphere.

  • Water sources are dwindling. Yemen's capital, Sana, has tap water one day in four, and the city of Taiz, Yemen has tap water one day in twenty.


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